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Geoff Edwards


Life is three-dimensional – we reach, bend, lean, turn, twist, stoop, and change directions constantly throughout the day, so why do most gyms still use machines for mature adults?  How are you going to improve balance, move better, or perform athletic activities better from sitting on a machine? Over the last ten to fifteen years, there has been a shift to more functional type exercises and workout programs and less emphasis on isolating particular muscle groups.    The gyms or studios that are offering more functional or whole body movement classes tend to focus on a younger demographic while the mature demographic still gets a circuit on “safe” machines that does little good once you leave the gym. I started doing more functional type training about fourteen years ago when I noticed more and more of my clients were seeing results not just in the gym, but more importantly in the activities they were doing outside the gym.  Most people don’t really love working out, but they put in the work because they love the results.  They show up, have fun, and work hard so they can ski longer, play more golf, have less pain, have more energy, or just move better outside the gym. The last couple of years, I started getting more and more calls and referrals from people fifty and older looking for a trainer that understood their needs and goals.  They wanted someone that would develop training programs that weren’t geared for a person in their twenties or put them on machines.  They wanted something different and deserved something better so I started Fit Over 50 Fitness. At Fit Over 50 Fitness, I use exercises and fitness routines that will safely and effectively challenge you,  whether you are in your 40’s looking to get in shape for your 50th, maintain your activities into your 60’s and beyond, improve your health, or just feel better, I have the programs to get you in shape to do the things you love!


    • B.S. Fitness & Sports Management
      American Council on Exercise,
    • Certified Personal Trainer
    • American Council on Exercise, Certified Health Coach
    • Functional Aging Institute, Functional Aging Specialist
    • Functional Aging Institute, Certified Tai Chi instructor
    • 24 years experience as a full-time personal trainer

Merilee Restucci


My journey into the fitness industry came about by personal experience. As I approached 50, I realized it was time to begin a structured fitness regimen that would keep me healthy and active in the coming years. As I started experimenting with the different programs out there, I began experiencing different injuries that hindered progress. I decided I needed to learn more about the effects of aging on our bodies, how to minimize these effects, and how to exercise safely with minimal injury but still build strength. As I learned more about the biomechanics of our bodies, it occurred to me that I was encouraging a mutiny from my own body due to the new and sometimes contortionist movements I was asking it to do. Our bodies are designed to move as one unit in perfect harmony so your exercise program should be geared for this.

While earning my degree in Exercise Science, I completed my internship at Fit Over 50 Fitness and appreciated how the functional exercise program fit in line with my goals. The exercise and equipment used can be easily modified for any fitness level while still challenging the body for gains and mirroring our everyday movements.
My philosophy is that exercise should be for life, not just special events. We have one life and one body. It is up to us to make the most of both. As the saying goes – “If you don’t make time for exercise today, you’ll likely need to make time for illness tomorrow.”

My passion is helping others become and stay active and fit by creating and sharing workouts that relate to movements in their daily lives. In the end allowing them to continue to embark upon new activities that they can continue to enjoy for years to come.


    • A.S., Exercise Science
    • American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer
    • Functional Aging Institute, Functional Aging Specialist

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